I think your problem may be the –disks option.  You should just specify only the disk image name.  The path is specified in the config file.


AS for debugging, you can start the node manager like DEBUG=1 ./nodemanager.py, you can see some messages display to the screen. 




From: deepa diwakar [mailto:deepa.diwakar1@gmail.com]
Sent: Monday, September 27, 2010 12:20 PM
To: tashi-user@incubator.apache.org
Subject: Issue creating vm using tashi


We tried to create vm using tashi client
./bin/tashi-client.py createVm --userId 0 --name tashimg6 --disks /vm-images/sample/disk.img
    hostId: None
    name: tashimg6
    vmId: None
    decayed: False
    disks: [
        {'uri': '/vm-images/sample/disk.img', 'persistent': False}
    userId: 0
    groupName: None
    state: Pending
    nics: [
        {'ip': None, 'mac': '52:54:00:bb:aa:3f', 'network': 1}
    memory: 128
    cores: 1
    id: 1
    hints: {}
we specified userId to  be 0 corresponding to root user.
It ran without any errors.However, when we tried to call 'xm list' command it does not show the newly created vm.
We have configured the tashiDefaults file for XenPV.Can anyone suggest what could be going wrong?
Where do error messages get logged so we can check them out?Is there any way to debug this to figure out what could be the issue?
Thanks for your help.
Deepa and Shobha