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From Robert Gibbon <>
Subject Some questions
Date Thu, 30 Sep 2010 17:09:48 GMT
Hi team Tashi

I just found your project and it looks really interesting, albeit in  
the early phases. I've got some questions for you, if you've got time,  
maybe you can answer them...

* I can see that all of the nodes need to have access to a common  
backend filesystem to get the machine images. How difficult would it  
be to leverage a pxe boot server instead? What problems can you see  
with that?

* What are your thoughts on dynamic bare metal provisioning (hence the  
above question)?

At my work we've got lots of (old school) vertically scaling  
implementations that simply don't perform to the required  
specification under a hypervisor (we've proven it). We can't be the  
only organisation with that problem.

I remember chatting to a cloud services vendor who said outright that  
running a busy rdbms under a hypervisor is a very very bad idea.

My humble, bare metal cloud provisioning in addition to virtual  
provisioning is definitely the way to go.

Last question, are you looking for some help?

Regards all

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