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From Michael Stroucken <>
Subject Re: new client option
Date Fri, 27 Jul 2012 04:58:15 GMT
Richard Gass wrote:
> Sorry for the out of order mails.   Hi Babu, its been a long time:D.
> I believe Babu brings up a valid concern regarding clustermanager
> access.  I think this setting of the host state should be restricted
> either to physical access to the clustermanager or via authentication
> (better than what is implemented now), or a different admin client
> interface.  I know that in my environment (and probably yours), I can
> trust my users but in others, I am not sure this would be the case.
Hi Richard,

So there now is a tashi-admin script that handles the two administrative 
functions recently added to the general client, namely setHostState and 
setHostNotes. It also uses python's optparse module for argument 
parsing. At the same time, these functions have been removed from the 
general client.

A visiting scholar to CMU, Diogo Gomes, has also provided functionality 
that will determine a VM's IP address by monitoring ARP traffic on the 
virtual bridges. He says he knows your advisor BTW :).


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