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From Richard Gass <>
Subject lvcreate
Date Sun, 02 Oct 2011 00:14:16 GMT
HI Michael,

I am having problems with the code in tashi.  You have added
something to create a logical volume (scratch space) with a hint to
tashi.  Can you please do the following.
1.  make the current vgscratch lv name an option in the config file.
2.  check to make sure lvm2 is installed and raise a message if not.
3.  add a try clause when  vmdestroy is called around your lvdestroy
so if you are not using lvm, it doesn't error out on the nodemanager.

The main problem I had was not with the creaton of the lv disk but on
the destroying of it.  The first error I had was that I didn't have
lvm2 installed so lvdestory didn't exist.  2nd, when I tried to pass
the hint to tashi to create the scratch space, I didn't have a volume
group named vgscratch to create or destroy.

I will let you make the change since you are working with this part of
the code at the moment.

Richard Gass

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