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From Michael Stroucken <>
Subject Re: lvcreate
Date Sun, 02 Oct 2011 00:50:33 GMT
Richard Gass wrote:
> HI Michael,
> I am having problems with the code in tashi.  You have added
> something to create a logical volume (scratch space) with a hint to
> tashi.  Can you please do the following.
> 1.  make the current vgscratch lv name an option in the config file.
> 2.  check to make sure lvm2 is installed and raise a message if not.
> 3.  add a try clause when  vmdestroy is called around your lvdestroy
> so if you are not using lvm, it doesn't error out on the nodemanager.
> The main problem I had was not with the creaton of the lv disk but on
> the destroying of it.  The first error I had was that I didn't have
> lvm2 installed so lvdestory didn't exist.  2nd, when I tried to pass
> the hint to tashi to create the scratch space, I didn't have a volume
> group named vgscratch to create or destroy.

Hi Richard,

I made the change that the volume group would have to be configured to 
use the lvm commands.


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