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From Miha Stopar <>
Subject Balanced and Consolidated scheduler types
Date Tue, 05 Apr 2011 13:15:44 GMT
Hi guys,

I saw some mails about the scheduler in the last days. Just to let you know that for the SLA@SOI
project needs I have developed a scheduler that takes into account VM priorities, host priorities,
some auto migrations are enabled and also auto powering on / off the hosts. The scheduler
code can be found in the tashi/scheduler folder, if you check out the SLA@SOI Tashi version

In case that somebody wants to test the scheduler, the simulation can be used (in the tashi/simulation
folder, see readme.txt in the same folder) which requires only Python and Tashi sources (no
DHCP, DNS, database...). Some testing scenarios for the SLA@SOI Balanced and Consolidated
scheduler types and about different scheduler configuration options are described (some screenshots
attached) in the paper [2].

Anyway, there are still a lot of features to be implemented - see [3] for some TODOs and [4]
for a better idea what SLAs we would like to integrate into Tashi.

Best regards,


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