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From Michael Stroucken <>
Subject Re: fork() exec() in
Date Fri, 12 Nov 2010 00:26:01 GMT
Michael Ryan wrote:
> How do you create a subprocess object from a PID?  If the NM gets restarted, it needs
to be able to manage the processes.  It was mainly for consistency -- so that some VMs weren't
managed by Popen objects and others by PIDs.

So as I see it, the code uses fork and exec to start the qemu process in 
the background and record the pid. On initialization, the NM collects 
the information from storage into ControlledVMs to resume control. In 
all cases, ControlledVMs contains the information of running VMs.

I don't think you'd need to create a subprocess object. You collect it 
when starting a VM, but save the data into ControlledVMs right 
afterwards (as is done now) and continue.


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