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Subject svn commit: r1396893 - /incubator/tashi/board/2012-10.txt
Date Thu, 11 Oct 2012 02:11:29 GMT
Author: stroucki
Date: Thu Oct 11 02:11:29 2012
New Revision: 1396893

Convert commits to a few condensed paragraphs.


Modified: incubator/tashi/board/2012-10.txt
--- incubator/tashi/board/2012-10.txt (original)
+++ incubator/tashi/board/2012-10.txt Thu Oct 11 02:11:29 2012
@@ -15,49 +15,26 @@ physical aspects of a cluster like power
 handing out physical machines.
 Activities July-October:
-tashi-client: leave ValueErrors which came from incorrect operations, while converting ones
originating from a failure to perform a proper operation to TashiError
-tashi-client: Don't tell the user about an "exception"; offer help if a ValueError occurred.
-improve error reporting to the user
-tashi-client: check for permissions when doing destroyMany or shutdownMany
-qemu: Address race condition on instantiation, where the cleanup
-thread would remove a VM being born. Allow 5 seconds for the launch of
-the kvm process.
-improve messages given to the user
-Do the trivial addition of setHostNotes for now. "Real Soon Now", this type of function will
be put into an administration tool.
-import Diego Gomes' improvements to detecting guest IP addresses, and adjust documentation.
Thanks Diego!
-replace deprecated with current functions
-now have a dedicated cluster administration client command, supporting host state and comment
changes, user management and network management. There were removed from the regular tashi
client Raise EOFError rather than RuntimeError when reading off the monitor FD Handle EOFError in processVmStats to avoid a stack dump when a VM is exiting
-qemu: replace the fork and shell and head call to get system memory with a python only solution
-qemu: make logging the same as in other modules
-allow automatic host registration with configuration option
-tashi-client: reraise network exceptions so we can handle them
-database: make sure for new hosts, host structure is fully initialized
-qemu: make note on hostIds, and the need make sure they match ours in case we accept a migrated
-qemu: set state to running to avoid persistent states of MigrateTrans from the origin host
when the NM restarts
-qemu: we ask for our hostname a lot, lets just do it once
-qemu: force started instances to have my hostId
-nodemanagerservice: correct hostId's when we get info for the CM
-tashi-admin: allow hosts to be reserved for a user
 In the period from July to October, the project did not ask to make 
 another incubating release, but is ready to start the process for a new 
 release incorporating the development efforts of the last 6 months.
-Development efforts this period have included providing a separate
-administration client, ...
+Development efforts this period have included providing a separate 
+administration client, allowing addition of users and networks, and host 
+reservations and availability for scheduling.
 The project has received code contributions from one non-committer in 
-this period. Diego Gomes...
+this period. Diogo Gomes provided support for deriving the IP addresses 
+of guests automatically, without having to scan the subnet. Thanks Diogo!
+Additional stability and user experience improvements were also 
-Upcoming software goals are 
-to investigate what is needed to 
-support IPv6, replace RPyC, and to provide the ability to hand out 
-server slices (operating system level virtualization). Besides CPU and 
-memory, disk storage should also be a schedulable resource.
+Upcoming software goals are to investigate what is needed to support 
+IPv6, replace RPyC, and to provide the ability to hand out server slices 
+(operating system level virtualization). Besides CPU and memory, disk 
+storage should also be a schedulable resource.
 The project has a user community, but it is small. Growth mostly has 
 happened by word of mouth. To show potential users at large the utility 

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