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Subject svn commit: r1181993 - /incubator/tashi/board/2011-10.txt
Date Tue, 11 Oct 2011 18:00:32 GMT
Author: stroucki
Date: Tue Oct 11 18:00:32 2011
New Revision: 1181993

parse commit messages to development list


Modified: incubator/tashi/board/2011-10.txt
--- incubator/tashi/board/2011-10.txt (original)
+++ incubator/tashi/board/2011-10.txt Tue Oct 11 18:00:32 2011
@@ -12,100 +12,20 @@ Tashi has previously encompassed just th
 machines using Xen and KVM, but is gaining the facility to hand out
 physical machines as well. Use LVM for scratch space Let VMM be authoritative for VM state on machine Ensure instance entry has vmId set Remove non-existent units from /proc/meminfo parsing Let VMM be authoritative for VM state on machine handle all defined hosts, not just those up clean up node cleanups Fix deadlock in manipulating instances
-primitive: check if scheduling was successful
-           put held VMs at the back of the queue to try them again
-rpycservices: add liveCheck to NM rpcs
-clustermanagerservice: reorganize cluster management aspect of CM. Collect "decay" handlers
into one spot.
-                       Return success or failure value to scheduler
-dnsdhcp for zoni
-hpilo for zoni
-Ensure all code has proper Apache license boilerplate
-adding a mac normalization function
-Add zoniroot and few other fixes
-moving pythonpath setup till after we read the config file
-add registrationBaseDir
-add telnet support
-add accessmode (ssh/telnet) via config file
-removed addition login code and login via the normal method
-Use normalize mac since 62xx switches report it differently.
-Pull version via snmp instead of through the cli since 62xx and 52xx type switch do it differently
-change supported_hardware var.  This will be changed in the near future
-Add dellswitch to the list of hardware examples with accessmode
- avoid throwing exception when some object handles are not yet set added empty line create local function __now() rather than using time.time()
-   keep VMs without host in status pending when restarting CM
-   fix deadlock when instance had been removed from CM DB and it was being reconciled
-   checking for decayed instances, do time check before locking instance to avoid unnecessary
-   convert vmId to printable string just in case it happens to be NaN if no instances exist, maxInstanceId = 0 fix counter string length corner case if instance count = 10^x
-tashi-client: correct command examples
-              fix instance name length correction
-              extend getVmLayout to provide getSlots (how many VMs of a size can be created
-adding a try to test for new TlsliteVdbAuthenticator import and call with new version of
-Support for auto creation of zoni tftp boot menus
-Changes to hwswitch which may break 52XX switches.  Fix later
-Other Random changes to make the system work. 
-moving zoni-dev back into trunk
-let host-local scratch facility be a configuration option
-code currently demands 3.1.0 version of rpyc
-adding scratchDir option so nodemanager doesn't complain.
-uncommenting the scratchVg option so the node manager doesn't complain.  Probably should
be set if it is used, otherwise it takes some default value.
-primitive: Allow user to specify a hint in regards to packing policy
-tashi-client: Consume arguments and raise error on encountering an "unhandled" argument.
Should avoid disappointment when users mistakenly supply --mem or -cores arguments  :)  Greets
to Elie.
-change registration scripts to use only /bin/sh.
-Add some debuging to the registration process
-adding reservation templates.  Need to move stuff over later
-adding support to write pxe tftpfiles 
-Fix showResources and showAllocation with change in DB layout.
-add vlan info into DB as well as change the status on the switch.  Start to keep track of
hardware state.  
-zoni-cli is a mess and needs a rewrite, actually all could benefit from some major cleanup.
-removed reservation_id in Domaininfo table.
-More data tracking with vlans.  Will eventually let the server periodically log directly
into the switch to get switch state.
 Development activities have included:-
 	* Zoni has been merged into the mainline code trunk
+        * Additional capability added to Zoni
+        * Implement hint to influence scheduler packing policy
+        * Reject incorrect arguments to tashi-client to prevent
+          unintended defaults from being used
+        * Migrated to rpyc version 3.1
+        * Add "free capacity" info function to Tashi
+	* Support for auto creation of zoni tftp boot menus
+        * Fixed deadlocks in clustermanager
+        * Rewrite CM to concentrate decay handlers into one spot
+        * Use Linux LVM for local scratch space creation
+        * VMM is now authoritative to what is running
+        * Retry deploying held VMs at a later time
 The project is still working toward building a larger user and development 
 community. User groups have been identified in Ireland, Slovenia and Korea,
@@ -118,6 +38,7 @@ Items to be resolved before graduation:
 	  branch will work if running QEMU emulation, Pickle or sqlite
 	  data storage, primitive scheduler. Xen, other data stores and
 	  schedulers have not been tested recently.
-	* Should have example accounting code
+	* Should have example accounting code (data is kept, but
+	  intepretation is currently manual)
 	* Develop community diversity (Committers currently at Telefonica,
           Google and CMU) 

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