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Subject svn commit: r824883 - /incubator/tashi/board/2009-10.txt
Date Tue, 13 Oct 2009 19:00:04 GMT
Author: mryan3
Date: Tue Oct 13 19:00:03 2009
New Revision: 824883

First pass at report


Added: incubator/tashi/board/2009-10.txt
--- incubator/tashi/board/2009-10.txt (added)
+++ incubator/tashi/board/2009-10.txt Tue Oct 13 19:00:03 2009
@@ -0,0 +1,32 @@
+2009-October Tashi Incubator Status Report
+Tashi has been incubating since September 2008.
+The Tashi project aims to build a software infrastructure for cloud computing 
+on massive internet-scale datasets (what we call Big Data). The idea is to 
+build a cluster management system that enables the Big Data that are stored in 
+a cluster/data center to be accessed, shared, manipulated, and computed on by 
+remote users in a convenient, efficient, and safe manner.
+Development activities have included a communication layer rewrite, the 
+introduction of an EC2 compatibility layer, a bridge that allows the use of 
+Maui as a scheduler for Tashi, patches for HVM booting in Xen, DNS updates, 
+using RPyC on Python 2.4, the SQL backend, the updateVm RPC, and the client 
+utility's output, fixes to and an expansion of the VM statistics collection 
+code in the Qemu backend.  Additionally, a notes field was added to the host 
+definition, a syslog handler was added for logging, the scheduler was modified 
+to reduce the number of repeated messages, and the documentation for setting up 
+a single machine and configuring DHCP and DNS servers was updated. 
+The project is still working toward building a larger user and development 
+community.  We have recently been contacted by some potential users from Taiwan 
+HP, as seen on the -dev list.  Additionally, two developers have increased the 
+quantity of patches submitted in this quarter, expanding the number of 
+developers working on the project.  The upcoming tutorial at SC'09 [1] is 
+drawing near and we expect to draw in more potential users at the event.
+Items to be resolved before graduation:
+        * Prepare and review a release candidate
+        * Develop community diversity (currently Intel and CMU committers)

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