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From Martin van Es <>
Subject Workflows in Syncope
Date Mon, 29 Oct 2012 10:31:24 GMT

Since my Syncope test instance is more or less doing what I wanted to
test I was interested in taking this to the next level and see what
workflows could do. I have experience creating Activiti workflows for
Alfresco so I hoped to apply this knowledge to Syncope a get a

A couple of questions regarding workflows in Syncope:

1. As I see it right now, there is one governing workflow (for all
users in Syncope). Do I understand correctly that at the moment if I
were to manage two kinds of roles (students + employees e.g.) I would
have to create one workflow that forks into two main paths depending
on main role and they would be mutually explusive (unless the fork
could instantiate two parallel subprocesses).

2. In Alfresco a big part of workflow design is designing the
accompanying model and forms. How is that done in Syncope, where would
I put my models/forms, how and where will they be rendered (in Todo,
like the Tasks in Alfresco?).

3. Alfresco supports "live" model and workflow deployment and updating
to ease development of workflows. I didn't find this in Syncope. Do I
need to restart Syncope for each change in model/workflow/form? Can I
restart the Activiti sub process? If so, how?

Is workflow support mature enough to start experimenting with or
should I wait a little? I was contemplating helping out on
documentation if I were to succeed in crafting a simple example from
scratch including model and interface.

Best regards,
If 'but' was any useful, it would be a logic operator

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