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From Francesco Chicchiriccò <>
Subject Re: Workflows in Syncope
Date Mon, 29 Oct 2012 10:42:12 GMT
On 29/10/2012 11:31, Martin van Es wrote:
> Hi,
> Since my Syncope test instance is more or less doing what I wanted to test I was interested
in taking this to the next level and see what workflows could do. I have experience creating
Activiti workflows for Alfresco so I hoped to apply this knowledge to Syncope a get a headstart.
> A couple of questions regarding workflows in Syncope:
> 1. As I see it right now, there is one governing workflow (for all users in Syncope).
Do I understand correctly that at the moment if I were to manage two kinds of roles (students
+ employees e.g.) I would have to create one workflow that forks into two main paths depending
on main role and they would be mutually explusive (unless the fork could instantiate two parallel

Correct: the default workflow handler (ActivitiUserWorkflowAdapter) is
working with a single workflow definition (e.g. a single XML).

If you want handle this differently, you need to provide your own
workflow handler - but this is of course not easy - see [1] for more

> 2. In Alfresco a big part of workflow design is designing the accompanying model and
forms. How is that done in Syncope, where would I put my models/forms, how and where will
they be rendered (in Todo, like the Tasks in Alfresco?).

Forms are currently handled in the same XML as workflow definition, as
per Activiti specification [2].

> 3. Alfresco supports "live" model and workflow deployment and updating to ease development
of workflows. I didn't find this in Syncope. Do I need to restart Syncope for each change
in model/workflow/form? Can I
> restart the Activiti sub process? If so, how?

There is no need to restart anything, just update the XML workflow via
admin console [3] or RESTful method - for which we still lack a decent
documentation :(

> Is workflow support mature enough to start experimenting with or should I wait a little?
I was contemplating helping out on documentation if I were to succeed in crafting a simple
example from scratch including model and interface.

The current Activiti-based implementation is running successfully in
some production environments AFAIK, even though the documentation is far
from being complete [4]: as for anything else, there is always room for
improvement, though...



Francesco Chicchiriccò

ASF Member, Apache Cocoon PMC and Apache Syncope PPMC Member

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