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From Stefan Teleman <>
Subject Re: STDCXX forks
Date Sat, 01 Sep 2012 17:52:37 GMT
On Sat, Sep 1, 2012 at 12:15 PM, Liviu Nicoara <> wrote:

> Hi Stefan, I have went through the patches. Specifically, I have spent more
> time looking in the mutex alignment changes and the C++ C library headers
> patches, and I only read the others. In order:
> The test extensions seem to be genuine by and large, but I would further
> analyze them after I find out what is it they are addressing (test cases?).
> The regression tests whose names contain references to internal bug numbers
> require a bit more analysis as to their usefulness. Of course an explanation
> attached to each would alleviate duplicating your work. I have not
> cross-checked them to JIRA.
> Some of the compiler characterizations changes, as well as the associated
> GNUmakefile's, seem to be specific to your port, e.g., GNUmakefile,
> GNUmakefile.cfg changes. I may have spotted other issues but I would wait
> for your feed-back first.
> The C++ C library headers seem to have been re-written to your port. I am
> unsure why you needed this, but it surely breaks the original intent for
> these headers' structure. I have also noticed that you stripped the Apache
> notice and added an Oracle copyright notice on them.
> This pretty much sums up my first impression.


Yes, you are correct. :-)

To begin with: the compiler flags/GNUmakefile changes are very
specific to the SunPro compilers and to our internal build system.
These changes are most likely not suitable for inclusion in the
canonical stdcxx, except maybe for the sunpro.config changes, in case
someone would like to be able to replicate our builds. I'd like to
mention that, in Solaris, Apache stdcxx is a "system library".

About the Standard C Library forwarding header files: these changes
are specfic to Solaris. The reason behind them is: the Solaris
architectural rules, which can be best summarized as: "there can be
only one of each". In other words, it is Verboten, in Solaris, to
duplicate the Standard C Library header files (or any other header
file for that matter). The Solaris Standard C Library header files are
C++-clean - they are required to be so, by the same architectural
rules. Again, these changes are specific to Solaris, and are probably
not portable across other implementations. I know for a fact that they
are not portable for either the GCC or Intel compilers (with which I
test regularly on Linux, in addition to SunPro).

So these two groups of changesets can be ignored.

I opened yesterday STDCXX-1066:

about the pthread_mutex_t/pthread_cond_t alignment on SPARCV8. I'll
have patches done this weekend. Achtung: the patchset is very large
and touches a very large number of files. It's strange that I didn't
get an email about STDCXX-1066.

I'd also like to talk about STDCXX-1056:

which has already had an initial discussion, and for which I have
attached  a patch. This issue also addresses (indirectly) linkage when
building with GCC. On the recent versions of GCC that I have tested
with, passing -supc++ on link line automatically links with the GNU (on top of linking with stdcxx), and that just bad.

And then I'll have to cross reference the patches which refer to our
internal bug numbers because most of them are quite old and right now,
off the top of my head, I can't remember what they are. :-)


Stefan Teleman
KDE e.V.

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