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From Farid Zaripov <>
Subject Re: what happened to builds?
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2012 00:54:17 GMT
Hi Martin.

On 29.02.2012 18:45, Martin Sebor wrote:
> The directory seems to have
> vanished. Does anyone know what happened to it? Farid, you've
> been adding some builds lately. Did you happen to move it?
> (I use the build logs every now and then for reference.)

   Due to mandatory svnpubsub migration by Jan 2013 (see
also there was an email in infrastructure mailing list about that, the 
list is not archived, but you can read this email
here: the stdcxx site directory on will not be rsync'ed anymore (since
resolving my JIRA issue On other words if 
something should be
published on stdcxx site ( it must be 
committed to the svn to directory.

   The same change will be applied to the dist site. The release 
uploading procedure will be changed from to
I have created corresponding INFRA request:

So is not available until this directory 
will be created on svn at

   I have moved the old content of the builds directory to my home 
directory and you can access that files at

   I'm thinking on how to deal with that build results and how to 
regularly update them with the results from For example we can just commit the all content 
of builds directory to the svn, but
I'm not sure that it is ok to commit 5 Gb of the data to the svn.


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