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From Wojciech Meyer <>
Subject RE: [PATCH] STDCXX-1051: Stdcxx build process needs to be able to run configuration executable files created by the build system during configuration step on emulators in order to cross compile the library
Date Thu, 23 Sep 2010 15:23:41 GMT
Hi Martin,

> Yes, the configure machinery wasn't design with cross compilation
> in mind. We could probably eliminate some, even may, of the runtime
> tests and replace with them compilation (plus linking) only tests.
> Besides making cross compilation easier, doing so would also speed
> up the configuration process.

Yes, the configuration time is kind of bottleneck now.  It happens now,
(Windows Cygwin build, with a compiler wrapped with a script to convert
Cygwin style paths to Windows on VMware) to take I think about 20 sec
for each file. It is not that dramatic when you use native gcc for
instance, but in this case it is unbearable. Spawning a model for each
configuration script is also quite time consuming.  However, despite
that I like the stdcxx build system (but I will not say replacing with
something different is bad idea, just I don't have major problems with

> I don't see the patch. If you attached it, I suspect it got stripped
> by ezmlm. That tends to happen when using Outlook. Other email clients
> don't have the problem. If you continue to be unable to attach patches
> to your posts a (less preferable, IMO) alternative is to attach them
> to the Jira issue.

Yes, I attached it, it seems to got lost (I am forced to use Outlook
here not my favourite MUA Gnus :) ).

> Martin


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