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From "Travis Vitek" <>
Subject RE: svn commit: r662858 [1/3] - in /stdcxx/branches/4.2.x/tests: algorithms/ containers/ diagnostics/ include/ intro/ iostream/ iterators/ localization/ numerics/ regress/ self/ src/ strings/ support/ tr1.c99/ tr1.util/ utilities/
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2008 20:39:01 GMT

Eric Lemings wrote:
> Eric Lemings wrote:
>> Travis Vitek wrote:
>> > 
>> > This change appears to have broken nightly builds for 4.2.x on all
>> > platforms. The portions of the test suite that have not yet been
>> > migrated over to Apache depend on the names of the old headers
>> > [testdefs.h, file.h, environ.h, valcmp.h...] and this causes the
>> > test library to fail to compile.
>> Thanks.  I'll update the necessary tests in Perforce.
>I fixed all of these compile errors save one.  I'm not sure 
>what to make of it:

Awesome. I think we're all good now.

>	tests/include/test.h:80:30: error: rw/rwtest/rwtest.h: No such
>file or directory
>I can find no such rwtest.h header in Subversion or Perforce.  
>I must be building the test suite wrong somehow.  Any ideas?

I see the file in perforce in the //rwtest depot. I believe that the
nightly build system pulls in files from this location.


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