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From "Eric Lemings" <>
Subject RE: svn commit: r656686 - in /stdcxx/branches/4.2.x/tests: include/rw_printf.h src/printf.h
Date Mon, 19 May 2008 22:57:24 GMT

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> From: Martin Sebor [] On Behalf Of Martin Sebor
> Sent: Monday, May 19, 2008 4:30 PM
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> Subject: Re: svn commit: r656686 - in 
> /stdcxx/branches/4.2.x/tests: include/rw_printf.h src/printf.h
> Alternatively, there could be a separate section for all
> the directives, independent of any of the "overloads" of
> rw_printf.

Is there an echo in here?  I though I said as much in my previous
message.  :)

> > 
> >> Also, since you chose to make heavy use of Doxygen markups,
> >> do you have a plan WRT generating the Doxygen documention
> >> for the driver? I do like the HTML generated from these
> >> markups but I find the raw marked up text quite a bit harder
> >> to read than the plain text comments without the markups.
> > 
> > In the distribution, the process should work like this.  There
> > should be a "doc" target somewhere in the Makefiles that checks
> > for the presence of doxygen and, if found, generates the 
> documentation
> > if not already built.
> That sounds like a good enhancement to the makefiles but it's
> different from what I was asking about: how do we generate and
> publish the docs on our site? Without online docs the Doxygen
> markups are much less valuable (every contributor to the test
> suite would have to generate their own local copy to make them
> readable).

Could whip up a script run by cron job that publishes the online
documentation generated using the doc target from a snapshot of a
Subversion branch.  Wouldn't be hard.

Hypothetical script and usage:

gendocs \

I'm not sure how the scripts that publish test results work but
I'm guessing they run locally on the STDCXX web server?  In any
case, the docs and test results would probably be published in
similar fashion.


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