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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject errors compiling 22.locale.synopsis.cpp
Date Wed, 23 Apr 2008 17:03:28 GMT
The new test fails to compile with most compilers, including IBM
XLC++, Sun C++, MSVC, and HP aCC. It fails to link with Intel C++.
Here's the aCC error:

aCC -c     -I$(TOPDIR)/include -I$(BUILDDIR)/include 
-I$(TOPDIR)/tests/include  -AA  +O2   +w +W392,655,684,818,819,849 
+W2193,2236,2261,2340,2401,2487 +W4227,4229,4231,4235,4237,4249 
+W4255,4272,4284,4285,4286,4296,4297 +W3348 
"$(TOPDIR)/tests/localization/22.locale.synopsis.cpp", line 828: error 
#2080: a storage class may not be specified here
   static void

1 error detected in the compilation of 


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