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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r647908 - in /stdcxx/trunk/tests: self/0.printf.cpp src/fmt_defs.h src/printf.cpp
Date Tue, 15 Apr 2008 05:02:22 GMT
Travis Vitek wrote:
> Travis Vitek wrote:
>> Unless I'm totally misunderstanding you (it seems that I may be), this
>> would limit maximum command line length to 256 characters.
> Okay, I think I'm finally seeing the light. My understanding of how this
> was intended to work was totally wrong. I had mistakenly thought that if
> the maxsize format specifier (%{*} or %{n}) wasn't provided that
> rw_vasnprintf() would intellegently switch to a dynamic buffer and leave
> the original user provided buffer alone.

Heh. I just responded to your other post agreeing with your first
approach. Either I don't remember how it was supposed to work or
I managed to confuse myself (or let you confuse me ;-)

> I now understand that if the caller uses a static buffer, they are
> expected (required) to indicate maximum number of characters to be
> written to the buffer using the previously mentioned format specifier.
> With that specifier, maxsize would get set and the guard check and
> free() call are avoided.

I thought that's how it was supposed to work until you brought up
the _rw_system() use case which certainly shouldn't be limited to
256 characters.

> The guard bytes that were added in
> [r351515|] will
> usually detect that a buffer was not allocated with a previous call to
> _rw_bufcat(), and the assertion will trigger. Unfortunately there wasn't
> a comment there to indicate that this was expected behavior and that the
> caller was using the function improperly.
> So after a whole day of this I think I have the appropriate solution. It
> is consistent with what Martin did in r351515, so I have that much going
> for me. I'm planning on committing the fix shortly.

Oh, goody :) I see I managed to confuse you too ;-)

rw_vasnprintf() was modeled after GNU asprintf() and vasnprintf()
(I'm not sure if the latter is GNU or someone else's invention but
it's out there). I *think* it's supposed to handle the _rw_system()
use case.


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