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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: low hanging fruit while cleaning up test failures
Date Fri, 21 Dec 2007 15:59:39 GMT

I added a new function, rw_fnmatch(), to the test driver. It behaves just
like the POSIX fnmatch() (the FNM_XXX constants aren't implemented
yet). While the main purpose behind the new function is to support
STDCXX-683 it should make it easier to also implement a scheme like
the one outlined below.

Travis, feel free to experiment/prototype a solution :)


Martin Sebor wrote:
> Travis Vitek wrote:
>> Martin Sebor wrote:
>>> Yeah, the grep filter is there but it doesn't work on Windows and
>>> it's not quite portable.
>>> I'd like to get rid of the "grep feature" and replace it with
>>> something reliable. E.g., an interface that I could pass a set of
>>> standard locale names (in the format of <language>_<COUNTRY>) and
>>> or a set of encodings and have it pull up those that match not
>>> using a lexicographical comparison but by intelligently mapping
>>> the standard names to the native ones used on each platform).
>>> That way I could call rw_locales() for example like so:
>>>      rw_locales (0, 0, "UTF-8");
>>> to give me the names of all locales encoded in UTF-8. Or maybe
>>> like so:
>>>      rw_locales (0, "de_CH en", 0);
>>> to find all German locales for Switzerland in all encodings, and
>>> also all English locales for all countries in any encoding. Etc.
>>> Or something along those lines...
>>> But I don't want us to have to hardcode different sets of locale
>>> and codeset names for each platform in every set, and I don't
>>> think that just taking the first N lines of locale -a output is
>>> a good solution either.
>> And you consider this to be 'low hanging fruit'? :)
> He he :) Okay, so maybe we can come up with something a little
> more within reach the interim.
> Martin

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