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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: genxviews and xbuildgen scripts
Date Thu, 08 Nov 2007 21:56:40 GMT

FYI: I've implemented a number of enhancements to the scripts to
let us more easily keep track of and compare some interesting data
across multiple builds:

 *  the size of the library
 *  the size of the build directory at the end of the build but before
    invoking the clean target
 *  the size of the build directory at the end of the build after running
    the clean target
 *  the number of error messages found in the log (lines that match
    the word "error" in a case insensitive comparison)
 *  the number of warning messages (lines that match the word
    "warning" in a case insensitive comparison)

I also added build type info to the headers of columns in the
component tables (i.e., examples, tests, and locales)

Martin Sebor wrote:
> I've checked in a new script called genxviews and a few changes to
> the xbuildgen script that work together to produce a cross-build
> view into stdcxx build results on trunk for all UNIX platforms.
> I have a cron job set up on to run both scripts
> at 8AM GMT. They generate the following pages:
> I'm looking for a volunteer to update the genxviews script to add
> Windows results.
> Some additional bug fixes and enhancements that I think would be
> helpful:
>   *  replace the column numbers with build types on the detailed
>      cross-build result pages to make each column easier to
>      associate with its build type
>   *  fix the bug that prevents the totals from being displayed on
>      the detailed cross-build result pages
>   *  fix the bug that causes black cells to be appended instead
>      of inserted for builds missing a component (example, test,
>      or locale)
>   *  add a summary for each platform to the builds page including
>      the total number of failed examples, tests, and locales
>   *  add tracking of build times and object file sizes (as well as
>      library sizes) and their trends
>   *  add regression (and improvement) tracking to the detailed cross
>      build result pages by changing the scripts to comparing the two
>      most recent build logs
> Martin

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