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From "Travis Vitek" <>
Subject RE: status of fix for incompatibilities in exception classes on Windows
Date Thu, 18 Oct 2007 19:59:22 GMT

>Martin Sebor wrote:
>Travis Vitek wrote:
>> Travis Vitek wrote:
>>> I totally forgot about it after scrambling to get the other 
>>> patch made last night. I'll post a patch for review ASAP.
>>> Martin Sebor wrote:
>>>> What is the status of the patch for the unsats for the exception
>>>> classes on Windows? Anyone working on it? Farid? Travis?
>>>> Martin
>> I have verified this patch with the 4.1.3 examples compiled 
>> msvc-7.1 and the 4.2.0 dll compiled with msvc-7.1. I added a
>> new conditional block for this just to avoid any issues that
>> might come up when applying the other patch to this same file.
>> Hope that doesn't cause problems for anyone.
>What's the rationale for constraining the patch to exclude MSVC
>8.0 and later?
>That mixing two different versions of the same compiler and two
>different versions of stdcxx is already known to have problems?
>I think I would just as soon not make the problem worse. Would
>you mid if I removed the _MSC_VER part of the conditional?

That is fine.

2007-10-18  Travis Vitek  <>

	* _config-msvc.h [_RWSTD_VER_MAJOR]: Define configuration
	macros to enable binary compatibility with 4.1.3 on MSVC.

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