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From "Travis Vitek" <>
Subject RE: [PATCH] Update test to validate results
Date Wed, 08 Aug 2007 23:50:56 GMT

Martin Sebor wrote:
>You mean when the user specifies --locales="foo bar" and one or
>more of them isn't available the test should give an error? Hmm,
>I agree that we should give some indication that one (or more)
>of the locales are unavailable in this case but think I would
>still prefer a warning to a hard error, simply because I see no
>harm in being robust (not every locale that /usr/bin/locale -a
>spits out is valid, so having the test weed out the bad ones
>can be useful when scripting things). Do you have a reason for
>wanting it to be an error?

Exactly. I'm okay with a warning. I'm considering adding a
warning for each locale that couldn't be loaded. If no usable
locale is available, I will issue another warning that the 'C'
locale will be used.

>The API is the same. The machinery is enabled automatically by
>pointing the RWSTD_LOCALE_ROOT environment variable at the root
>of the stdcxx locale database tree and referencing locales
>installed under it by name (or pathname). Most of the locale
>tests, including 22.locale.time.put.cpp, exercise both

I'll add this to my todo list. Right now I think it is best if
I get some commitable tests written. :)


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