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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: [RFC] draft stdcxx resolution for the Board
Date Tue, 28 Aug 2007 19:37:28 GMT
Mark Brown wrote:
> Martin,
> I am quite certain that "Apache ServiceMix" in the resolution should read "Apache C++
Standard Library."

Ah, yes, of course. A copy-and-paste typo.

Thanks for the careful proofreading!

>    appointed to the office of Vice President, Apache ServiceMix,
>                                               ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>    to serve in accordance with and subject to the direction of
>    the Board of Directors and the Bylaws of the Foundation until
>    death, resignation, retirement, removal or disqualification,
>    or until a successor is appointed; and be it further
> -- Mark
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From:
>> Sent: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 14:59:15 -0600
>> To:
>> Subject: [RFC] draft stdcxx resolution for the Board
>> I'm working on the Board resolution based on the following page:
>> and I have a few issues I need help with. I'm hoping that our
>> mentors can give us guidance here, although I certainly encourage
>> everyone else, most of all committers, to read through this and
>> provide feedback.
>> 1. Official project name: Apache C++ Standard Library
>> I have always assumed that the official name of our project is
>> the Apache C++ Standard Library, and that STDCXX is an "acronym"
>> or "keyword" (e.g., the same way APR is to the Apache Portable
>> Runtime Project). I'm not 100% sure that everyone shares the
>> same view so I'm looking for a confirmation that "Apache C++
>> Standard Library" is an acceptable name to use in the resolution.
>> (The attached proposed resolution assumes the answer is
>> affirmative.)
>> 2. Composition of the initial PMC.
>> At the moment, our index page lists 11, and soon hopefully 13
>> committers, plus 3 mentors (see
>>    1. Andrew Black        (PPMC member)
>>    2. Heidi Buelow        (PPMC member, Emeritus)
>>    3. Lance Diduck
>>    4. John Hollis         (Emeritus)
>>    5. Amit Jindal         (PPMC member)
>>    6. Liviu Nicoara       (PPMC member)
>>    7. Ravi Palepu         (Emeritus)
>>    8. Anton Pevtsov       (PPMC member)
>>    9. Martin Sebor        (PPMC member)
>>   10. Tim Triemstra       (PPMC member)
>>   11. Farid Zaripov       (PPMC member)
>>   12. Mark Brown          (pending IPMC approval)
>>   13. Eric Lemings        (pending IPMC approval)
>>   14. Ben Laurie          (Mentor)
>>   15. William Rowe, Jr.   (Mentor)
>>   16. Justin Erenkrantz   (Mentor)
>> First, I'm sure everyone agrees with me that Bill and Justin have
>> been a great help and that it would be a privilege to have both
>> of you on the PMC. The question is, busy as I'm sure you are, do
>> either of you wish not to be on it? (The attached proposed
>> resolution assumes the answer is no, i.e., both Bill and Justin
>> are on the PMC -- please speak up if that's not the case.)
>> Second, I assume that in general, the entire podling's PPMC
>> becomes the (proposed) PMC by default. The question I have about
>> our PPMC is: do PMC members who are in the status of Emeritus
>> fall into the same category? (The attached proposed resolution
>> assumes the answer is yes.)
>> Finally, the attached proposed resolution assumes that the IPMC
>> approves both Brad and Mark as the new committers. I intend to
>> wait to submit the proposal until the IMPC vote on their commit
>> access has closed. If anyone thinks we should not wait please
>> speak up.
>> 3. Vice President (PMC Chair?)
>> The Board resolution must nominate a Vice President for top level
>> projects. First, is this the same thing as the PMC Chair (see the
>> definition below)? Second, we need to nominate someone for this
>> office. Unless someone would like to volunteer for this post or
>> unless we need to go through a formal vote process, I would be
>> happy to volunteer for the office. (The attached proposed
>> resolution has my name in that role.)
>> Thanks
>> Martin

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