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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject [RFC] draft stdcxx resolution for the Board
Date Mon, 27 Aug 2007 20:59:15 GMT
I'm working on the Board resolution based on the following page:

and I have a few issues I need help with. I'm hoping that our
mentors can give us guidance here, although I certainly encourage
everyone else, most of all committers, to read through this and
provide feedback.

1. Official project name: Apache C++ Standard Library

I have always assumed that the official name of our project is
the Apache C++ Standard Library, and that STDCXX is an "acronym"
or "keyword" (e.g., the same way APR is to the Apache Portable
Runtime Project). I'm not 100% sure that everyone shares the
same view so I'm looking for a confirmation that "Apache C++
Standard Library" is an acceptable name to use in the resolution.
(The attached proposed resolution assumes the answer is

2. Composition of the initial PMC.

At the moment, our index page lists 11, and soon hopefully 13
committers, plus 3 mentors (see

   1. Andrew Black        (PPMC member)
   2. Heidi Buelow        (PPMC member, Emeritus)
   3. Lance Diduck
   4. John Hollis         (Emeritus)
   5. Amit Jindal         (PPMC member)
   6. Liviu Nicoara       (PPMC member)
   7. Ravi Palepu         (Emeritus)
   8. Anton Pevtsov       (PPMC member)
   9. Martin Sebor        (PPMC member)
  10. Tim Triemstra       (PPMC member)
  11. Farid Zaripov       (PPMC member)
  12. Mark Brown          (pending IPMC approval)
  13. Eric Lemings        (pending IPMC approval)
  14. Ben Laurie          (Mentor)
  15. William Rowe, Jr.   (Mentor)
  16. Justin Erenkrantz   (Mentor)

First, I'm sure everyone agrees with me that Bill and Justin have
been a great help and that it would be a privilege to have both
of you on the PMC. The question is, busy as I'm sure you are, do
either of you wish not to be on it? (The attached proposed
resolution assumes the answer is no, i.e., both Bill and Justin
are on the PMC -- please speak up if that's not the case.)

Second, I assume that in general, the entire podling's PPMC
becomes the (proposed) PMC by default. The question I have about
our PPMC is: do PMC members who are in the status of Emeritus
fall into the same category? (The attached proposed resolution
assumes the answer is yes.)

Finally, the attached proposed resolution assumes that the IPMC
approves both Brad and Mark as the new committers. I intend to
wait to submit the proposal until the IMPC vote on their commit
access has closed. If anyone thinks we should not wait please
speak up.

3. Vice President (PMC Chair?)

The Board resolution must nominate a Vice President for top level
projects. First, is this the same thing as the PMC Chair (see the
definition below)? Second, we need to nominate someone for this
office. Unless someone would like to volunteer for this post or
unless we need to go through a formal vote process, I would be
happy to volunteer for the office. (The attached proposed
resolution has my name in that role.)


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