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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject stdcxx versions in Jira
Date Wed, 22 Aug 2007 23:53:09 GMT
To help us manage the considerable volume of open issues in Jira
I've added a few placeholder versions that I'd like us to start
using to schedule existing as well as new issues the we don't
expect to be able to resolve in the upcoming release of 4.2. The
differences between the versions are in the type of compatibility
they provide.

They placeholder versions I created are:

4.2    Upcoming release scheduled for September 2007.
4.2.1  Expected first patch (forward and backward source and
        binary compatible) release for 4.2 scheduled sometime
        later in 2007. There may be other 4.2.x releases after
        this one or there may not, depending on how things go.
        If there are, they will all provide the same degree
        of compatibility.
4.3    Next minor (forward source and binary compatible)
        release after 4.2 (may never happen). There may be
        4.x releases after this one that will all provide
        the same degree of compatibility.
5.0    Next major release, tentatively scheduled for December
        2008. This is a binary and possibly source incompatible
        release that should have most of the TR1 stuff in
        namespace std.

The definitions of Forward and Backward compatibility I'm using
and the versioning policy are outlined in the draft compatibility
and versioning policy I just uploaded.

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