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From Mark Brown <>
Subject RE: expectation vs requirements for locale facets
Date Wed, 22 Aug 2007 04:02:58 GMT
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> Sent: Mon, 20 Aug 2007 05:20:32 -0600
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> Subject: RE: expectation vs requirements for locale facets
> >Mark Brown wrote:
> >In my experience, the time_get facet isn't always able to
> >reliably parse international times and cannot parse every time
> >string produced by the time_put facet.
> Yes, I see two different problems here. You can generate output with
> time_put<>::put for which there is no matching time_get<> method for
> parsing that data. What I mean is that you can easily format "%S %p" onto
> the stream, but there is no method in the time_get<> facet for reading
> that formatted data back. The stdcxx implemention provides an extension
> that allows you to do this, but it's an extension.
> The other problem is the one that I'm more concerned about.
> >I don't remember ever
> >having problems with spaces though.
> Yeah, that is the problem. It is my interpretation that this is a
> requirement, but I'm not sure that anyone agrees with me on this. I don't
> really see the point in defining a system for input/output of times and
> dates if you can't read in the values that you write out.

Yeah, that wouldn't be a terribly useful system...

> >On Linux at least, stdcxx
> >has no problems skipping leading space in time strings.
> That is inconsistent with what I'm seeing. [see partial failure lists
> below]

You're right! I was sure I had used stdcxx to parse time strings with spaces in them but now
that I've tried it I must acknowledge it really doesn't work. My sincere apologies for confusing
the discussion!

-- Mark

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