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From "Michael van der Westhuizen" <>
Subject config with wide has no effect on Solaris/Intel + patch
Date Sat, 07 Jul 2007 19:09:04 GMT

I thought it was just me going mad, but a quick glance at
confirms that I'm right.

After configuring as: gmake builddir
BUILDMODE=threads,archive,optimized,wide CONFIG=sunpro.config

I see command-lines like this:
-I$(BUILDDIR)/include  -library=%none -O   +w

Note that on Solaris CXXFLAGS.wide is supposed to be -xarch=amd64, but
this is not being used by the build system.

Hunting this down, it seems that sunpro.config expects "uname -p" to
return amd64 on 64 bit Solaris/Intel. This is not true, it returns

The following patch fixes this for Solaris only - I don't run Sun
Studio on Linux, so I don't know if this is broken there or not.


Index: etc/config/sunpro.config
--- etc/config/sunpro.config    (revision 554241)
+++ etc/config/sunpro.config    (working copy)
@@ -89,6 +89,9 @@
     # wide (64-bit) flags -- must be set explicitly
     # narrow (32-bit) flags are implicit on AMD64
+    ifeq ($(OSNAME),SunOS)
+        arch=$(shell /usr/bin/optisa amd64)
+    endif
     ifeq ($(arch),amd64)
         wide_flags     = -xarch=amd64
         narrow_flags   =

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