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From Andrew Black <>
Subject Usage of -AA vs -Aa with acc
Date Wed, 11 Jul 2007 17:18:18 GMT
Greetings Martin, all.

I've been looking at the acc.config file, and I'm curious as to the
reason we're using the -AA switch with aCC 5 and 6 (HPUX on IA64), but
using the -Aa switch for aCC 3 (HPUX on PARISC).

The reason I'm curious is because my understanding is that most
libraries are built using -AA, such as those provided by many database
vendors.  In addition, libraries built with -Aa are binary incompatible
with those built with -AA.

(As background for those unfamiliar with the compiler, the -AA and -Aa
switches enable recent ANSI C++ features like Koenig lookup, but differ
in the include paths and versions of libCsup used.)

--Andrew Black

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