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From "Farid Zaripov" <>
Subject STDCXX tests fails and reasons [MSVC]
Date Wed, 27 Jun 2007 18:34:24 GMT
  The list of the fails and reasons (which I've checked at the moment)
is here:

  I have question on test 27.stringbuf.virtuals. There in
the first parameter passed pointer to the internal basic_stringbuf<>
(basic_stringbuf<>::pbase()). And if size of the internal buffer is not
to receive requested number of characters, reallocation occurred and
then the previous
buffer (deallocated at this moment) used as source characters.

  Is this valid operation (I mean to pass the internal basic_stringbuf<>
buffer in
basic_stringbuf<>::sputn())? Btw the Dinkumware STL has the similar

  Another problem in that test is difference between
char_traits<char>::eof() == int(-1)
and char_traits<wchar_t>::eof() == int (65536). The
basic_stringbuf<>::pbackfail() test
(line 637) expected EOF == -1 and issues rw_error() diagnostic on whar_t

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