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From Andrew Black <>
Subject Re: Nightly testing failures on AIX 5.3
Date Thu, 07 Dec 2006 16:46:49 GMT
Greetings all.

Attached is my first try at splitting out the rpath flags into directory 
specific variables, along with the Changelog entry.  The changes are 
fairly straight forward, but somewhat repetitive.

--Andrew Black

Martin Sebor wrote:
> Andrew Black wrote:
>> Martin Sebor wrote:
>>> Andrew Black wrote:
>> [...]
>>> The LDSOFLAGS variable defines the set of linker flags
>>> when linking a shared library, and we should also have
>>> one for rwtest, and for programs that link with one or
>>> both of the two. Maybe something like
>>>   LDFLAGS: common linker flags
>>>   LDFLAGS.lib: linker flags for the library only
>>>   LDFLAGS.rwt: linker flags for rwtest only
>>>   LDFLAGS.tst: linker flags for the tests
>>>   LDFLAGS.exm: linker flags for the examples
>>>   LDFLAGS.util: linker flags for the utilities
>>> These would replace the current SHARED_LDFLAGS as well
>> This seems like a reasonable plan of action.  I note that the values 
>> of the new variables will need to be written into the generated 
>>, as the .config files aren't used outside the builddir 
>> make process.  I suspect that the values for LDFLAGS.exm and 
>> LDFLAGS.util will be the same, but it's probably better to keep these 
>> separate, in case they need to differ.
>> Do you wish to make these changes, or shall I?
> I'll be happy to let you take the first crack at it :)
> Thanks
> Martin

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