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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: duplicate error message in Windows builds
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2006 18:30:00 GMT
Andrew Black wrote:
> Upon tracing the code, I find that the messages are being emitted by the 
> saveBuildFailure function in summary.js.  This method appears to append 
> blocks of HTML to a temporary file which is used in the generation of 
> the final result page.

Okay, so that's something Farid will know how to deal

> Glancing at the output from devenv /? doesn't point me at any switches 
> that appear to be particularly useful for short-circuiting out of the 
> build process.  If short circuiting is desired behavior, it may be 
> necessary to build the product project by project, rather than having 
> devenv build everything.

There's no point in continuing to try to build all
the downstream projects after a required dependency
fails. I thought even VisualStudio understood that.
Doesn't the GUI behave that way?


> --Andrew Black
> Martin Sebor wrote:
>> Also in the same builds we continue trying to build
>> other components (utilities, rwtest, etc.) after the
>> library failed to build instead of aborting right
>> away. This seems like a problem with the Windows
>> stdcxx build infrastructure -- Farid, do you have
>> any insight into how to prevent the build from
>> continuing after the library failure?
>> Martin
>> Martin Sebor+ wrote:
>>> A couple of our Windows/MSVC builds have failed due
>>> to low disk space. That's okay and we'll look into
>>> why we're running out of space. The problem I'm
>>> writing about is that the error message at the end
>>> of the log is repeated 124 times. I'm not sure if
>>> the error message is coming out of the stdcxx build
>>> infrastructure or the Rogue Wave part that invokes
>>> it. Andrew and Farid, could you guys look into it
>>> and see if you could fix whatever is causing the
>>> message to be repeated?
>>> Thanks
>>> Martin
>>> 422>------ Build started: Project: .stdlib_tests, Configuration: 15s 
>>> Debug Thread-safe Static Win32 ------
>>> 422>Performing Pre-Build Event...
>>> 422>Performing Custom Build Step
>>> 422>CScript Error: Initialization of the Windows Script Host failed. 
>>> (Not enough storage is available to process thPath 
>>> D:\bman5\builds\33243709\source-buildspace\build\msvc-8.0\15s\tests\Summary.htm

>>> not found
>>> Path 
>>> D:\bman5\builds\33243709\source-buildspace\build\msvc-8.0\15s\tests\Summary.htm

>>> not found
>>> Path 
>>> D:\bman5\builds\33243709\source-buildspace\build\msvc-8.0\15s\tests\Summary.htm

>>> not found

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