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From Andrew Black <>
Subject AIX locale failures
Date Wed, 01 Nov 2006 23:38:02 GMT
Greetings all.

I've been glancing at the failures observed with automated testing on 
AIX, specifically in the locale testing.

It appears that the majority of the failures result from one of a two or 
three sources.

The first source is a 399 (E_INVAL) error from the locale utility.
> RWSTD_SRC_ROOT=/amd/devco/ablack/stdcxx/etc/nls
> mkdir -p /tmp/locale.26600/stage.1/charmaps
> ./localedef -w -c -f /amd/devco/ablack/stdcxx/etc/nls/charmaps/ISO-8859-1 -i /amd/devco/ablack/stdcxx/etc/nls/src/uz_UZ
/tmp/locale.26600/stage.1/uz_UZ.ISO-8859-1 >/dev/tty 2>&1
> LC_ALL=/tmp/locale.26600/stage.1/uz_UZ.ISO-8859-1 ./locale --charmap -l >/tmp/locale.26600/stage.1/charmaps/ISO-8859-1
> LC_ALL=/tmp/locale.26600/stage.1/uz_UZ.ISO-8859-1 ./locale -ck -h -l LC_ALL >/tmp/locale.26600/stage.1/uz_UZ.src
> mkdir -p /tmp/locale.26600/stage.2/charmaps
> ./localedef -w -c -f /tmp/locale.26600/stage.1/charmaps/ISO-8859-1 -i /tmp/locale.26600/stage.1/uz_UZ.src
/tmp/locale.26600/stage.2/uz_UZ.ISO-8859-1 >/dev/tty 2>&1
> /tmp/locale.26600/stage.1/uz_UZ.src:382: Error 399: 255 is an invalid int_p_cs_precedes
>                 p_sign_posn 1
>                                   ^^^
> rm -rf /tmp/locale.26600

The second source is an out of memory condition in the localedef utility
> RWSTD_SRC_ROOT=/amd/devco/ablack/stdcxx/etc/nls
> mkdir -p /tmp/locale.27352/stage.1/charmaps
> ./localedef -w -c -f /amd/devco/ablack/stdcxx/etc/nls/charmaps/EUC-TW -i /amd/devco/ablack/stdcxx/etc/nls/src/zh_TW
/tmp/locale.27352/stage.1/zh_TW.EUC-TW >/dev/tty 2>&1
> Error: bad_alloc: out of memory
> rm -rf /tmp/locale.27352

The final source may be a symptom of the previous, or it may be a 
separate one.  The locale utility either exits with a return code of 1, 
or an assertion fails like the following.  I have also observed the 
behavior in the previous source.  The exact behavior is highly sporadic.
> /amd/devco/ablack/stdcxx/include/ std::basic_filebuf<char,std::char_traits<char>
>::setbuf: Assertion '0 != this->_C_buffer' failed.
> ./run_utils[27]: 20786 IOT/Abort trap(coredump)

--Andrew Black

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