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From Farid Zaripov <>
Subject [PATCH] tests MSVC 7.0 compatibility patch
Date Fri, 29 Sep 2006 15:16:26 GMT
   Attached is a patch for tests to deal with MSVC 7.0.

   * 22.locale.num.get.cpp (do_test): Changed type of dummy argument
   from charT to charT* to resolve MSVC 7.0 ambiguity
   * 21.cwchar.cpp (swscanf, vfwprintf): Removed unused template
   parameter SizeT to prevent MSVC 7.0 error:
   error C2783: 'int std::swscanf(const WCharT *,const WCharT *,...)' :
   could not deduce template argument for 'SizeT'
   (fgetwc): Return type changed to wint_t to prevent MSVC 7.0 error:
   error C2785: 'int std::fgetwc(FileT *)' and 'wint_t fgetwc(FILE *)'
   have different return types
   (test_functions): commented const to prevent MSVC 7.0 error:
   error C2147: 'tm_buf' : const automatic array must be fully
   * 21.cwctype.cpp (towlower, towupper, wctrans, wctype, towctrans):
   Corrected return type to prevent MSVC 7.0 error:
   error C2785: 'int std::towlower(T)' and 'wchar_t towlower(wchar_t)'
   have different return types
   (run_test): Added exercising of the std::towctrans()
   * 26.c.math.cpp (test_declarations): Resolved MSVC 7.0 ambiguity:
   error C2782: 'T std::modf(T,T *)' : template parameter 'T' is
   ambiguous: could be 'double' or 'long double'
   * 27.forward.cpp [_RWSTD_NO_PART_SPEC_OVERLOAD]: Added is_same_type
   for compilers which not support the partial ordering of function
   * [_MSC_VER <= 1300]: Added explicit definition of the
   NonPredicateTag<X>::DummyPredicate::funcalls_ to prevent MSVC 7.0
   linker error
   * alg_test.h [_MSC_VER <= 1300] (conv_to_bool): UniquePtr defined
   as const void* to deal with MSVC 7.0


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