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From Farid Zaripov <>
Subject [PATCH] stdlib patch
Date Thu, 28 Sep 2006 16:04:18 GMT
   Attached is a patch for stdlib library.

   * (__rw_iter_failed): Removed const to resolve
   ambiguity on MSVC 7.0
   * _select.h [_RWSTD_NO_CLASS_PARTIAL_SPEC]: Added __rw_is_same
   for compilers which not support the partial template specialization
   * (basic_stringbuf<>::str): Added check before deallocate
   the old buffer
   * file.cpp: Declare fileno() only if it not declared in CRT header,
   but presend in libc
   * exception.cpp [_MSC_VER]: #undefined _RWSTD_NO_VSNPRINTF after
   #define vsnprintf _vsnprintf
   (__rw_free_what_buf): New function to free buffer for what message
   (__rw_vfmtwhat): Used __rw_free_what_buf to free buffer
   (__rw_throw_exception [_RWSTD_NO_EXCEPTIONS]): Used __rw_free_what_buf
   to free buffer
   (__rw_throw_exception [!_RWSTD_NO_EXCEPTIONS]): Don't free buffer
   before return from function
   (__rw_throw): Used __rw_free_what_buf to free buffer
   (~__rw_exception): The same


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