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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: *.c and *.cc files in include directory
Date Fri, 15 Sep 2006 17:37:13 GMT
Duft Markus wrote:
> Hi again!
> i think also the *.c and *.cc files in the include directory arent
> really good. for example i just built a package with a file
>, which of course gave funny results when including sstream
> and such... maybe put the into an own directory, and include with
> <dir/> or give them more unique names like or
> so...
> Any comments on this?

The .c and .cc files are used (implicitly included) by compilers that
implement the Cfront template instantiation model (e.g., IBM XLC++ in
tempinc mode, Compaq/HP C++, SGI MIPSpro, and Sun C++). By default
they must live in the same directory as the corresponding headers and
have the .cc (or .c for IBM XLC++) suffix. For compilers that implement
the so called Borland model the .cc file is explicitly #included at the
bottom of each header. The #include directive uses the <> form
which is what I suspect causes the problem. I think it could be fixed
by using the quoted form of the directive which typically makes the
preprocessor search the same directory as the including file.

Could you please open an issue for this? (A test case demonstrating
the problem would be nice.)


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