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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: problem using static libraries on windows
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2006 16:29:22 GMT
Duft Markus wrote:
> hey there!
> i have a little problem (see STDCXX-287) with using stdcxx. The shared
> version does work somehow, but iostreams seem to be broken, and the
> static version cannot be linked because of billions of conflicts with
> msvcprt. how can i use the static version without conflicting with
> microsoft runtimes? Or even better, how can i get the shared version to
> work?
> I'm working on the command-line (Interix, but using microsoft tools
> (cl.exe & co)) and not in the VS IDE, so commandline tips would be
> great...

We don't have a command line only solution for MSVC at this time
(it is there for all other compilers including gcc on Interix) but
based on feedback like yours we're thinking about adding it. I've
worked around it in the past by writing a simple little wrapper
script for cl.exe to translate UNIX paths to Windows and invoked
it through the GNUMakefile infrastructure just like any other
compiler. IIRC, this was on Cygwin and very slow but it got the
job done.

Since you said that STDCXX-287 is not an issue, do you still need
any help with the shared vs archive library issue?

You can see the MSVC command line options we use to build stdcxx
in the IDE. In general, the compiler options are something like
this: -EHsc -MD -W3 -O2 -GR (or -MDd -Zi to enable debugging),
and we pass /NODEFAULTLIB:msvcprt to the linker to avoid linking
with the native implementation of the C++ Standard Library. That
should prevent any conflicts. Let me know if there's anything else.


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