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From Andrew Black <>
Subject [patch] Child process stats in exec utility (unix)
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2006 22:03:31 GMT
Greetings all

Attached is a partial patch that allows statistics to be gathered on 
child processes.  At this time, the only statistics gathered are user 
time and CPU time, though it should be possible to gather others.

However, without a way to display these stats to the user, collecting 
them has little value.  Unfortunately, adding this information to the 
information that is displayed in the output is more difficult than it 
might first appear.  This difficulty is due to the fragmented nature of 
the output.  The table header is produced in one place (main()), the row 
headers in a second (run_target()), with the remainder of the status 
information scattered across 5 different places (check_target_ok() for 
build/file system failure, process_results() for non-0 child process 
termination, and check_test()/check_compat_test()/check_example() for 
output analysis).

It appears to me that a partial rewrite is necessary to split the result 
display into its own subsystem.  This rewrite would accomplish a couple 
things.  First, it should allow the addition of new columns to the 
output in a simpler manner.  Second, it should allow for the output to 
be formatted for for targets other than plain text terminals.  Both of 
these changes would likely be considered beneficial, but will require a 
separate patch.

--Andrew Black

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