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From Andrew Black <>
Subject Re: replacement
Date Fri, 21 Jul 2006 19:48:30 GMT
Greetings all

Attached is a slightly modified version of the patch from yesterday.
Changes from the previous version:
	- Compatibility layer support (via --compat/--nocompat switches)
	- Handle failure to fork()

I suspect that some changes may be required before submission, but I 
also consider this to be in a mostly usable state.  A pair of useful 
features that the older script has that are currently lacking 
in this replacement are the coloring of the output and an incremental 
progress display while a test/example is running.  I hope to add both 
these features at some point in the future.

--Andrew Black

2006-07-21  Andrew Black <>
	* GNUmakefile (BINDIR): Add and use convenience variable referencing 
the bin subdirectory of the buildspace
	* GNUmakefile.exm (RUNFLAGS): Change command line switch used to 
specify input/output file directory to match switch expected by runutil 
	* GNUmakefile.bin (runutil): Add rule to build the new runutil utility
	* GNUmakefile.tst (RUNFLAGS): remove additional switches as unneeded
	* makefile.rules (run runall run_all): Add dependency on runutil utility
	* GNUmakefile.exm, GNUmakefile.tst: Add rule to build the runutil utility
	* Change default output file to /dev/stdout, add 
test driver style assertion count summary
	* *.cpp, *.h: Add source files for C reimplementation of the 
shell script.

Andrew Black wrote:
> Greetings all
> Attached is a diff against subversion r424097, integrating the 
> replacement script into the makefile infrastructure.
> I don't think this version is ready for submission into subversion, as 
> there are multiple issues with it.  One issue is that the executable 
> builds and links as a C++ utility (like the locale and localedef 
> utilities), though it is written in what I believe to be pure C. Another 
> issue is that there are several (corner) cases in the watchdog subsystem 
> (watchdog.cpp) that need to be sorted out.
> I have tried to document all the .cpp files with JavaDoc style Doxygen 
> comments.
> --Andrew Black

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