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From Andrew Black <>
Subject Re: replacement
Date Wed, 19 Jul 2006 20:12:43 GMT
Greetings Martin

The cause of the problems being experienced with the examples is that 
the name of the flag used to specify the input/output directory is -d in 
this version of the script, rather than -x (as used by 
Similarly, the name of the flag used to specify command line options in 
this version is -x, rather than -X (as used by

If you want to get a list of known command line options, you can pass 
the script -h or -? (No support for --help yet)

--Andrew Black

Martin Sebor wrote:
> Andrew Black wrote:
>> Greetings
>> Attached is the second version of the replacement runall script.  In 
>> this version, I have tried to address the concerns raised by Martin in 
>> the previous review of the source.
>> One important bug fix made was to resolve the SEGV issue that was 
>> encountered on Solaris.  The cause was an incorrect termination of the 
>> argv array used in the call to execv().
> Running tests seems to work fine but most examples are reported
> with the FORMAT code and those that read from stdin are killed
> with SIGHUP. Are the examples supposed to be handled correctly
> in this version?
> To make it easier to debug these kinds of issues I think it might
> be handy to add a verbose option and print out the command line
> (i.e., the argv vector) used to invoke each program including any
> redirection (using shell notation). I.e., invoking
>     ./runall -v -x"--foo --bar" ./a.out ./b.out ./c.out
> should produce something like
>     ./a.out --foo --bar </dev/null >a.output 2>&1
>     ./b.out --foo --bar </dev/null >b.output 2>&1
>     status=1
>     ./c.out --foo --bar </dev/null >c.output 2>&1
>     status=134 (SIGABRT, core dumped)
> after a successful invocation of ./a.out, ./b.out having exited
> with a status of 1, and ./c.out having exited with SIGABRT and
> producing a core dump. (Additional output could be added for
> failed assertions, diffs, etc.)
> Martin

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