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From Anton Pevtsov <>
Subject Re: test for lib.alg.mismatch
Date Thu, 24 Nov 2005 16:46:26 GMT
Second attempt - I switched to Mozilla mailer.
The attached file contains the test for the lib.alg.mismatch algorithm.

With best wishes,
Anton Pevtsov

-----Original Message-----
From: Martin Sebor [] 
Sent: Wednesday, November 23, 2005 23:16
Subject: Re: test for lib.alg.mismatch

Anton Pevtsov wrote:

>> The attached file contains my attempt to update the lib.alg.mismatch 
>> test.

The attachment is missing (it probably got stripped due to the mailer
issue I mentioned previously). Here are some ways in which we can try to
deal with it, listed in the order of my preference  :) 

1. use a different mailer, one that doesn't cause attachments to
    be stripped (Netscape, Mozilla, or Thunderbird are known to work)

2. paste the contents of the file directly into the body of the email
    (make sure your mailer doesn't mangle the text or break up long

3. make the file available on the Internet and post a link to it

4. uuencode the file and insert the output directly into the text
    of your email (the advantage of this over (3) is that there
    will be permanent record of the first version of the test).


>> The question is: what mechanism should I use to check that the 
>> iterator reachs the end of the sequence? Will it be correct to compare

>> the iterator cur_ field value with the pointer to the corresponding 
>> test array element? If so, the attached test may be updated.

I think so. Every test iterator template should have this member.


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