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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: Cygwin build
Date Tue, 13 Sep 2005 00:49:52 GMT
Lance Diduck wrote:
> << Could you please look into it and open a bug for this with the details?>>
> Sure. I'll just open bugs for all Cygwin issues (there are more) Usually I
> wont open a bug report for something that the docs don't claim support for,
> but JIRA is more then just for bug reports?

Yes, there are tasks and enhancements (or improvements) as well, but
I would consider it a bug if the library didn't build on any platform
unless we explicitly say it doesn't work there. The goal of the
autoconfiguration tests is that they detect the capabilities of
a platform and configure the library to deal with any limitations.

> Cygwin is very interesting --  NT originally had hooks for a POSIX1.1
> compatibility layer that was never built.

I thought a layer was actually implemented, but it's so limited that
I would hesitate to call it POSIX ;-) But that is where Interix aka
SFU (Services For UNIX) should come in:

> But Cygwin (other than the
> filesystem issues) looks like what that layer may have looked like. With a
> few tweaks it looks like the configuration system could support builds for
> any compiler using the native or POSIX subsystems.

Yes, in theory it should be possible to configure and build the library
with MSVC using the GNUmakefiles. A while ago I think I even started to
work on it, IIRC, never finished it. My approach was to write a
script as a replacement for the compiler and have the script translate
UNIX paths to Windows ones (via the cygpath command) and pass them to


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