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From Alessio Marchetti <>
Subject Re: stdcxx
Date Wed, 24 Aug 2005 19:03:18 GMT
Martin Sebor wrote:

> Great!
> stdcxx-3 and -4 are both assigned to me because I've been working
> on the driver and I also have the test suite. I should be able to
> wrap up the initial version of the driver by the end of next week
> but then I can definitely use some help with the test suite.
> Once the driver and a test or two to go with it rechecked in, let's
> talk about how you can help me port the remaining tests to it. It will
> involve some fairly mechanical changes to the tests as well as probably
> some tweaks to the driver based on our experience with it.

>> Which is the original format of the documentation?
> The documentation is in plain HTML (see
I wanted to understand whether the documentation source was translated 
into HTML as a separate publishing process.
It would be elegant to represent the doc source in DocBook and then 
create XSLT's to create HTML and other output formats (automatic 
management of links)... ok, a low priority improvement, but maybe we 
should think about that before doing any additional work on the docs.

> All that stdcxx-12 needs is for a committer (such as myself) to publish
> it on the Apache Web site along with the project Web page
> ( The stdcxx Web page is in SVN
> ( and so are
> the docs, but the docs don't get published because they are not in
> the expected location. I could just duplicate the docs/ directory
> under the site/ directory but that doesn't sound like the right
> solution. I guess what I could use help with is figuring out how to
> publish the docs w/o duplicating them in SVN. (It's possible that
> the right solution is to move them in SVN, but it wouldn't be my
> preference).
> I would also like to spruce up the look and feel of the docs to make
> them feel like they're part of an Apache project rather than just
> plain pages (i.e., have the Apache Incubator logo at top, the search
> button, etc.) If this is something you would be interested in, please
> go ahead and create a task in Jira for it and start hacking away. You
> might be able to take some inspiration from the stdcxx project page
> and its style sheets (which, incidentally, could stand to use some
> cleanup as well).
> Martin

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