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From Olivier Grisel <>
Subject Re: How to add an rdf/skos file in entity hub
Date Wed, 01 Jun 2011 15:10:42 GMT
2011/6/1 Rupert Westenthaler <>:
> Hi
> Based on your Request I have worked the last two days on several
> improvements of the Indexing Tool.
> Most important the Indexing Util now directly creates a Bundle that
> when installed in the Entityhub will create all the necessary
> Entityhub components to use the Indexed RDF data as an Referenced Site
> I have also created the generic RDF configuration with a lot of
> additional documentation.
> I am currently working on some final things. So expect to see the
> stuff in the SVN tomorrow.

Ooops I did not know that you had pending work on these projects. I
did some "svn mv" to fix typos in some filenames. I hope this won't
conflict to much with your work. I should have asked before doing

Also for the topic categorization, I am currently upgrading my pig
scrips to be able to output .nt files directly suitable for the
Stanbol indexing utility:

I hope I will have time to test it and document it by next week to be
able to demonstrate it during the Berlin Buzzwords hackathon.

Olivier -

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