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Subject svn commit: r1469761 - /sling/site/trunk/content/documentation/bundles/sling-health-check-tool.mdtext
Date Fri, 19 Apr 2013 09:42:52 GMT
Author: bdelacretaz
Date: Fri Apr 19 09:42:51 2013
New Revision: 1469761

initial docs


Modified: sling/site/trunk/content/documentation/bundles/sling-health-check-tool.mdtext
--- sling/site/trunk/content/documentation/bundles/sling-health-check-tool.mdtext (original)
+++ sling/site/trunk/content/documentation/bundles/sling-health-check-tool.mdtext Fri Apr
19 09:42:51 2013
@@ -1,5 +1,27 @@
 Title: Sling Health Check Tool
-TODO: flesh this out.
+Based on extensible rules that check various system attributes, the Sling Health Check Tool
("hc" in short form) is used to 
+check the health of live Sling systems, based on various _system attributes_ that the rules
+Default rules are provided to check JMX MBeans, OSGi bundle states, disabling of default
+accounts, JUnit tests results and the output of scripts written in any language supported
by Sling.
+Custom rules can be created by supplying _RuleBuilder_ OSGi services, see the _hc-sling_
and _sling-demo_ modules for examples.
+## How to test the provided demo rules
+The health check tool is currently (April 2013) not included in the default Sling launchpad,
so you need to add 
+the required bundles to a Sling trunk instance to run the demo, as follows:
+1. Start a standalone Sling instance from _launchpad/builder_.
+1.. Install the bundle 
+1. Build the _contrib/extensions/healthcheck_ modules.
+1. From that module, install the,
and bundles.
+1. Open http://localhost:8080/apps/hc/demo.healthcheck.json] to see the evaluation result
of the rules defined at http://localhost:8080/apps/hc/demo.tidy.4.json
+## Known issues
+See [SLING-2822]( for details.
+## TODO for this page
+* Describe the JSON evaluation output
-## Section...

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