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Subject svn commit: r1456929 - /sling/site/trunk/content/downloads.list
Date Fri, 15 Mar 2013 12:29:13 GMT
Author: fmeschbe
Date: Fri Mar 15 12:29:13 2013
New Revision: 1456929

Fix discrepancies between downloads page and dist folder


Modified: sling/site/trunk/content/downloads.list
--- sling/site/trunk/content/downloads.list (original)
+++ sling/site/trunk/content/downloads.list Fri Mar 15 12:29:13 2013
@@ -17,23 +17,24 @@ sling|6
 # (2) Sling Bundles and Components
 # This list is sorted by the title before writing the table
 # Format: title|artifactId|version[|classifier[|extension]]
-Auth Core||1.0.6
+Adapter Annotations|adapter-annotations|1.0.0
+Auth Core||1.1.0
 Auth Form||1.0.2
 Auth OpenID||1.0.2
 Auth Selector||1.0.4
-Bundle Resource Provider||2.0.6
+Bundle Resource Provider||2.1.0
 Commons Classloader||1.3.0
-Commons Compiler||2.0.4
+Commons Compiler||2.1.0
 Commons HTML||1.0.0
 Commons JSON||2.0.6
 Commons Log||3.0.0
-Commons Log Service||1.0.0
+Commons Log Service||1.0.2
 Mime Type Service||2.1.4
-Commons OSGi||2.1.0
+Commons OSGi||2.2.0
 Commons Scheduler||2.3.4
-Commons Testing||2.0.10
+Commons Testing||2.0.14
 Commons Threads||3.1.0
@@ -42,59 +43,68 @@ GWT Integration|
 Thread Dumper||0.2.2
 Web Console Branding||1.0.0
 Web Console Security Provider||1.0.0
-FileSystem Provider||1.0.2
-Installer Core||3.3.6
-Installer Configuration Support||1.0.8
+FileSystem Provider||1.1.0
+Installer API||1.0.0
+Installer Console||1.0.0
+Installer Core||3.4.6
+Installer Configuration Support||1.0.10
 Installer File Provider||1.0.2
-Installer JCR Provider||3.1.4
+Installer Integration Tests||3.1.2
+Installer JCR Provider||3.1.6
 JCR API||2.1.0
+JCR API Wrapper||2.0.0
 JCR Base||2.1.2
-JCR ClassLoader||3.1.6
-JCR ContentLoader||2.1.4
-JCR Compiler||2.0.2
-JCR DavEx||1.0.0
+JCR ClassLoader||3.1.12
+JCR Compiler||2.1.0
+JCR ContentLoader||2.1.6
+JCR DavEx||1.1.0
 JCR Jackrabbit AccessManager||2.1.0
 JCR Jackrabbit Server||2.1.0
 JCR Jackrabbit UserManager||2.2.0
 JCR Prefs||1.0.0
-JCR Resource||2.1.0
+JCR Resource||2.2.4
 JCR Web Console Plugin||1.0.0
-JCR WebDAV||2.1.0
-JUnit Core||1.0.6
-JUnit Remote Tests Runners||1.0.6
-JUnit Scriptable Tests Provider||1.0.6
+JCR WebDAV||2.1.2
+JUnit Core||1.0.8
+JUnit Remote Tests Runners||1.0.8
+JUnit Scriptable Tests Provider||1.0.8
 Launchpad API||1.1.0
-Launchpad Base||2.4.0
-Launchpad Base - Application Launcher||2.4.0|app
-Launchpad Base - Web Launcher||2.4.0|webapp|war
+Launchpad Base||2.5.0
+Launchpad Base - Application Launcher||2.5.0|app
+Launchpad Base - Web Launcher||2.5.0|webapp|war
 Launchpad Content||2.0.6
-Launchpad Installer||1.1.2
+Launchpad Installer||1.2.0
 Launchpad Integration Tests||1.0.0
 Launchpad Testing Services||2.0.8
 Launchpad Testing Services WAR||2.0.8||war
+Resource Resolver||1.0.4
 Path-based RTP sample||2.0.4
 Failing Server-Side Tests||1.0.6
 Sample Integration Tests||1.0.6
 Sample Server-Side Tests||1.0.6
 Scripting API||2.1.4
-Scripting Core||2.0.22
-Scripting Java||2.0.4
+Scripting Console||1.0.0
+Scripting Core||2.0.24
+Scripting Java||2.0.6
 Scripting JavaScript||2.0.12
-Scripting JSP||2.0.21
-Scripting JSP Taglib||2.1.6
-Scripting JST||2.0.4
-Servlets Get||2.1.2
-Servlets Post||2.1.0
-Servlets Resolver||2.1.2
-Test Tools||1.0.2
+Scripting JSP||2.0.26
+Scripting JSP Taglib||2.1.8
+Scripting JST||2.0.6
+Servlets Get||2.1.4
+Servlets Post||2.2.0
+Servlets Resolver||2.2.2
+System Bundle Extension: Activation API||1.0.2
+System Bundle Extension: WS APIs||1.0.2
+System Bundle Extension: XML APIs||1.0.2
+Test Tools||1.0.6
 # (3) Maven Plugins
 # This list is sorted by the title before writing the table
 # Format: title|artifactId|version[|classifier[|extension]]
 Maven JSPC Plugin|maven-jspc-plugin|2.0.6
-Maven Launchpad Plugin|maven-launchpad-plugin|2.1.0
+Maven Launchpad Plugin|maven-launchpad-plugin|2.2.0
 Maven Sling Plugin|maven-sling-plugin|2.1.0

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