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From Martin Desruisseaux <>
Subject Relationship with GeoAPI
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2012 14:38:45 GMT
Hello all

On the work organisation topic, I would like to know SIS opinion on the 
relationship with GeoAPI ( GeoAPI is an attempt 
to standardize interfaces derived from OGC specifications. If SIS wishes 
to be a GeoAPI implementation, this would have a strong influence on its 
API. GeoAPI development actually happen in two places:

* GeoAPI is hosted on SourceForge and have a public mailing list (quite 
inactive for a while)
* GeoAPI is also an OGC Standard Working Group and has a second mailing 
list accessible only to OGC members.

The politic up to date has been to use the public mailing list for all 
developments, and the OGC mailing list only for the standardisation 
process inside OGC (vote for submission as a standard, etc.). The public 
group can deploy as many milestones as they wish, but official releases 
(I mean with "OGC standard" label) can be performed only by OGC. To date 
there is only one official release (GeoAPI 3.0.0) and many milestones.

GeoAPI development tends to be very slow, because GeoAPI mission is to 
create interfaces from OGC standards. The main debates are about how to 
interpret a specific element of a standard. Some additions do happen, 
but are expected to be rare. API not covered by standard stay 
project-specific, so SIS would have its own API as a complement of the 
GeoAPI one.

What are the opinions about SIS-GeoAPI relationship?


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