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From Carsten Ziegeler <>
Subject Re: April board report
Date Mon, 06 Apr 2009 08:40:51 GMT
Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> I don't want to be too negative, but I've thought a little about
> Sanselan. What happens if someone comes up with a 100% Java JPEG or
> JBIG2 implementation? Or ImageIO codecs wrapping the implementations
> here? Sanselan is a collection of related items. When one item is
> finished there's not much incentive to stick around and do further
> development. Once you got the feature you were looking for, you're gone.
> All we have is a few wishes, but not enough time to make certain
> things happen.
> Philipp is basically hinting at part of the problem: "ok, jpeg is
> missing but can be worked around easily." ImageIO offers so much that
> you only need Sanselan in very special cases. JPEG support is not as
> badly needed as it is available on every Java VM >=1.4. You (maybe) extract
> the metadata with Sanselan but load the image with ImageIO.
> ATM, I have trouble seeing how a community can be built like this. Of
> course, a small group can allocate some time to work on a few things and
> get the project through graduation, but isn't it then only destined for
> the Attic afterwards? Please don't get me wrong: Sanselan is a great
> library and offers some very nice functionality. At the moment, I just
> don't see it graduating any time soon. The best I currently see for
> Sanselan is to become an Apache Commons subproject that is allowed to go
> dormant for some time and to be reawakened from time to time to add some
> functionality. However, I fear that Sanselan would get lost in the noise
> of the joint mailing lists. But Sanselan as a TLP? I have trouble
> imagining that. For the third time in a row, we basically report almost
> the exact same text.
> I'm curious about your ideas. I'd like Sanselan to succeed.
Ok, so here we go:
I think basically we have three options (I'm just listing all of them,
I'm not a fan of all of them!):

1) continue in the same manner and hope that at some point of time the
community will grow and we can graduate - but I fear this won't happen.
Sanselan is a cool and great library which is perfect for the things it
does. It's easy to use it and it works. Which is of course great for a
software but bad for community building :)

2) close down the project and call it "failed incubation" - now this
would be a really bad and in the end it wouldn't help anyone. Code like
this are a great benefit to the foundation.

3) try to graduate :) Now, obviously we can't make it into an own TLP,
so we need to become a sub project of an existing TLP. I thought about
Tikka (well, Lucene in this case) and Apache Commons. I mentioned
Commons to Craig and he thought that this would be a good option (I hope
I got this right Craig) and you're also coming to this conclusion.
Apache Commons is imho a perfect fit for software like this; it's a
focused domain, with working/perfect code and it might just need some
maintenance from time to time; I guess most of these criterias are true
for several projects in commons.

Maybe there is a fourth option?

But I think we should talk with the Commons people and see what they
think about it. I think we met all graduation criteria apart from the
diversity/community aspect. So we're ready to graduate into a sub
project like commons.

Carsten Ziegeler

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