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From Carsten Ziegeler <>
Subject Re: 0.95 release candidate
Date Fri, 09 Jan 2009 07:18:40 GMT
Hi Charles,

happy new year and sorry for the very late feedback (somehow I
overlooked this).

I think we should fix the header in the source files before releasing.
The rat report for the src dist marks several java files with "?????".
The src dist also contains the ".classpath" and ".project" files which
we should exclude (but this is not a show stopper).
So I think after fixing the java headers, the release looks good.


Charles Matthew Chen wrote:
> Hello all,
>    It feels like its time for another release - 0.95.  We have a
> growing number of fixes and improvements that include:
>  * Added more unit tests around BMP.
>  * Added more images to the test image suite.
>  * Fixed a bug where errors were being wrongly logged to System.out.
>  * Moved the example code into the test source directory, to comply
> with Maven's standard project layout.
>  * Added a couple of images to the sample image library that
> demonstrate a couple variations on Photoshop/IPTC data.
>  * Fixed a small bug in the IPTC constants introduced while cleaning
> up the constants.
>  * Started shift towards moving field-level parsing into
> BinaryInputStream and BinaryOutputStream.
>  * Fixed a png unit test that used a piece of Java 1.6 syntax.
>  * Added unit tests around the new IPTC functionality.
>  * Added IPTC remove/update/insert functionality.
>  * Rewrote the IPTC parsing support.
>  * Added improved support for reading and writing iTXt, tEXt, zTXt Png chunks.
>  	Added a unit test that demonstrates the feature.
>  * Found a new regression wherein DeflaterOutputStream needs to be closed.
>  * Added the .tar.bz2 distributions back into the maven assembly descriptors.
>  * Moved the example/sample code to a new top-level source folder, "example."
>  * Replaced dependency on, which is
> only available in Java 1.6.
>  * Added a unit test around reading and writing images in every format.
>  * We now sort some (but not all) GIF color tables.
>  * Applied the BMP "buffer flushing" bug to the PBM reading and writing code.
>  * Fixed a regression around flushing the bit buffer when writing BMPs
> with very small palettes.
>  * Removed assumption about DataBuffer type when reading BMPs.
>  * When writing a GIF, we now always include a Graphic Control
> Extension block, even if its not necessary.
>  * We are more defensive about missing GCEs.
>  * Lastly, we now set a minimum bound on initial code sizes for
> LZW-compressed Gif image data.
>  * Found a regression in writing TIFFs around strip offsets being
> properly updated.  Not a LZW issue after all.
> 	Added a few unit tests around this issue.	
> 	see:
>  * Added ability to remove and update XMP XML in existing JPEG files.
>  * Added ability to embed XMP XML when writing the following formats:
>  * Improved handling of tEXt and zTXt PNG text blocks.
>  * Added XMP XML extraction for the following formats: GIF (untested),
>  * Added RELEASE_NOTES file (this file).
>  * Added Apache license header to bin.xml and src.xml Maven assembly
> descriptors.
>  * Added Javadocs to the binary distribution
>    The release should closely resemble the previous release (0.94) in
> structure.
>    This release incorporates a number of improvements suggested in the
> last release process, such as including javadocs in the binary
> distribution.
>    The one potential problem that I am aware of is that Maven didn't
> generate md5 or sha1 checksums for any of the files.  I'm not sure why
> - I'm using the same assembly files as for the last release.  I
> generated the .md5 and .sha1 files "by hand", using the md5sum.exe and
> fciv.exe implementations.
>    The proposed release can be found here:
>    Apache RAT output for this release can be found here:
>    The intent is for this release to reside here:
>    Please take a look if you get a chance.  Given that it is the
> holiday season in many countries, perhaps we should extend the voting
> deadline?
> Thanks,
>    Charles

Carsten Ziegeler

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