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From Christopher Blunck <>
Subject Is "writing IPTC" a priority?
Date Mon, 11 Aug 2008 03:31:27 GMT
I just incorporated sanselan into my application and it works great  
for enriching images with metadata from another file.  It's perfect  
for situations where you have to resize an image but wish to preserve  
as much of the metadata as possible.  The one thing that's lacking is  
IPTC writing.  Sanselan is able to read the IPTC metadata but it can't  
write it back out...

I was just wondering ... is "writing IPTC" a priority for anyone?  If  
not, what are the other priorities?  I'm trying to figure out how long  
I'll possibly have to wait for this feature and if it would be worth  
buying into a commercial project if I really need this feature for my  

Thanks for the great work on Sanselan so far...  I plan on  
contributing to the documentation and what-not as much as I can.


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